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6 Ways to Fight Spring Allergies

6 Ways to Fight Spring Allergies

1.) Preventing & treating itchy, watery eyes. 

-Always wash hands and face after coming in from outdoors, be sure to take frequent showers to remove pollen.

-Wash hair more often as pollen can linger in your hair and when you lie down on your pillow or couch, your face can rub around in it, exposing you to more of the allergens.

-Replace old makeup and use an applicator instead of fingers to prevent pollen contamination.

-There are great prescription eye drops you may use once a day to reduce and/or limit eye allergies. Contact lens wearers may still wear contacts if they wait 10 minutes after inserting the drops.

2.) Start taking your oral allergy medication now. 

– The sooner you start taking your oral allergy medication, the better. Ideally, just before or once the pollen count starts to creep up, then one should start taking their oral allergy medicine as well as their allergy eye drops.

-People new to the area might  feel that they have a cold, and after 1-2 years, they realize the pattern – its allergies! Again, the earlier the better when starting treatment!

 3.) Switch to single use contact lenses during allergy season.

-Use one day disposable contacts during allergy season so that you insert a fresh, pollen free lens each day. This will greatly reduce your symptoms and keep your eyes itch-free.

-For those who have moderate to severe allergies, discontinuing contact lenses when the pollen is at its peak cuts down on the pollen “sticking” on the lens and staying on the eye all day. If using single use lenses is not reducing your symptoms, switching to glasses during peak season may be a better choice.

5.) Warning signs of something more serious. 

If you have pain, decreased vision, or redness that gets worse, it could be signs of other eye issues and you should see the doctor right away.

6.) What about the kiddos?

 -Be sure to encourage kids to wash their hands and face after recess or coming in from outdoors.

-Have them change their clothes when they return home for the day.

-Keep bedroom windows closed during peak pollen days.

-Change pillow case if kids did not wash hair that day.

-Discuss with their pediatrician options for treating their overall allergy symptoms, like taking an oral allergy pill.

Establishing the cause and having a doctor manage your eye allergies will help make sure you suffer less, click here to make an appointment with the doctors at eye2eye. 

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eye2eye Goes to Vision Expo

eye2eye Goes to Vision Expo

It’s that time of year again, time for the International Vision Expo East! This year we sent two of our talented team members, Nick and Tanim, to check out the expo. They’ll learn about cutting edge technology, products and the latest trends in eyewear and bring it all back home to eye2eye.

Twice a year, once in New York City and once in Las Vegas the global eyecare community comes together for two unique events focused on education, fashion and technology.

It’s the preeminent destination for unveiling the most visionary designs, products, technology, medical advances and business solutions within and around the eyecare industry, and it’s the only place where you can experience it all first-hand under one roof.

We love attending the expo because it keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry and gives us an opportunity to bring technology, solutions and products back to our practice that we feel will benefit our patients and better meet their needs.

Follow Nick and Tanim’s journey at the Vision Expo on our social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And stay tuned for a recap of our favorite things we saw while we were there.

IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6455


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Meet Kirk Cousins + Learn about LASIK

Meet Kirk Cousins + Learn about LASIK

We’re excited to share a fantastic LASIK event that you as our patients can attend! TLC’s Washington DC area team is hosting a free LASIK seminar with Kirk Cousins, our local quarterback and Dr. Holzman on November 15th at 6:00pm. You’ll learn about how LASIK can change your life, get your questions answered by Dr. Holzman, be entered to win raffle prizes autographed by Kirk Cousins and enjoy light refreshments. Seating is limited, so give us a call and we will reserve your spot, (703) 548-0122.

If you book LASIK at this event, you’ll also get a special $500 discount offer.

For more information, give us a call and our staff can answer all of your questions!


Fall Style: eye2eye + Kiskadee

Fall Style: eye2eye + Kiskadee

One of our favorite fashion seasons has arrived and we’ve teamed up with the stylish ladies behind Kiskadee, a ladies clothing boutique in Del Ray, to pair our favorite fall eyewear with a few fantastic pieces from their fall collection. Everything you see in this post is available at eye2eye or Kiskadee, which is located  just down the street from our Del Ray office.

Let’s kick off the fall fashion fun with looks for everyone – from boho to business!

Fluttery Fall Dress + Face a Face Frames
This butterfly printed frock is easy and breezy with its asymmetrical cut. A lot like the classic black and tortoise shell frames from Face a Face.

Boho Vibes Tunic + Cat Eye Prada Sunglasses
A classically chic shaped sunglass paired with a colorful and comfortable tunic. Perfect for warmer fall days but easily add in some cozy with a sweater or scarf.

Effortless Basics + Gold Glam
Pairing a perfectly fit pair of jeans with a glam pair of gold sunglasses makes for easy fall style. We are also loving on this fall scarf + tee.

Suede Style + Breakfast at Tiffanys Sunnies
A suede fringe dress? Yes please! This outfit and our timeless cat eye sunglasses make for an elegant day to night look.

Power Dress + Prada Sunglasses
Take on your work day with this bold black dress. Lunch in the sun with classic tortoise sunglasses.

Boho That Glimmers + Bold Color Sunglasses
Kate Spade sunnies make bold statement, easy boho peasant top with just a hint of glimmer make it comfortable.

60s Vibes + Funky Sunglasses
Brighten up your next event with retro vibes in this long sleeve dress. Pair it with colorful sunglasses and a long neutral necklace.

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned to eye2eye and Kiskadee‘s Instagram feeds for the freshest fall style.


Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Happy First Day of Autumn! You know what that means…new frame styles have arrived. We’re just loving some of the top trends this fall – as well as the timeless classics.

Here’s a peek at just some of our favorite frames available at both of our Alexandria locations (Hilltop & Del Ray) this fall.

Two Toned Frames
These classic two-toned frames from Bevel are the perfect pair for fall.


Wood Frames
This look from Ovvo Optics is everywhere in Europe – wood grain & natural texture make it stylish with an unexpected twist.


Pop of Color
These frames from Face a Face give a pop of color that pairs beautifully with fall’s neutral color palette.


Moody Blues
Turquoise and deep blue toned frames from Face a Face Paris feel every bit as good on as they look. And bold turquoise titanium frames are so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

img_1516 img_1397

Like what you see? Come try them on at our Hilltop or Del Ray locations! Our expert opticians will fit you for the perfect frame. Schedule an appointment here.


Interested in LASIK?

Interested in LASIK?

We’ve got good news for you! As an official TLC affiliate practice, we are excited to announce that our local TLC office is offering a $600 discount to anyone having LASIK or PRK procedures by September 30th.


If you think laser vision correction may be right for you, we’d love to see you and complete a full screening. To learn more or to schedule your appointment, click here.  

If you’re interested in learning a little more about TLC & laser vision correction surgery, click around our blog and learn about our staff’s personal experience with the surgery and what you need to know before you decide.


eye2eye Heads to Vision Expo

eye2eye Heads to Vision Expo

Next week Dr. A, and our opticians Granville and Liz, will be heading the International Vision Expo in New York. We attend this annual conference for many reasons, including continuing education, access to the newest information about how to take better care of your eye health, to view revolutionary new products and the latest trends.

Attending this conference is important to us because it helps us be on the cutting edge of the industry and ensures that we are providing our patients the very best eye care available.

We learn so much about emerging technologies in care and burgeoning eyewear brands – and we bring it all home to eye2eye for you.

Stay tuned next week, we’ll be sharing what we see at the conference on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram – there will be lots of stylish eyewear!


Save Your Vision Month

Save Your Vision Month

March is National Save Your Vision Month. Sponsored by Optometry Cares, a foundation run by the American Optometric Association.

In honor of this month dedicated to raising awareness about how to practice healthy vision habits – we thought we would roundup some our best advice from Dr. A to help you maintain healthy vision through all stages of life.

1. InfantSee – This program at eye2eye provides free vision screenings for infants. Learn more about what to look out for in each month of your child’s first year of life regarding vision development, click here to see more.

2. Kids’ Vision & Better Grades – In this blog post, we discuss what to look out for with your child’s vision once they reach school age, when to schedule their first full eye exam and more.

3. Sun Safety Tips for Kids & Teens – In this blog post, you’ll learn how to protect your child’s eyes from UV damage. Also check out this post about how to select the best pair of sunglasses for your child.

4. UV Damage in the Winter MonthsThis post delves into the risks of not using proper UV protection in the winter months, as well as why its just as important to rock shades in the winter as it is the summer.

5. Family History & Preventative CareLearn about why it’s important to know your family history as it relates to vision health.

6. Five Easy Steps to Healthier Vision – Need a quick go-to guide for easy ways to support healthy vision? This post has 5 easy tips.

7. Summer Safety TipsLearn about UV protection in the summer months and why it’s so important to have a good pair of sunglasses.

8. Eat For Eye Health – This post covers delicious ways to support eye health – eye-friendly foods!

9. Ease Dry Eyes – Dry eyes can be uncomfortable & lead to vision issues, learn how to ease them here.

10. Glaucoma RiskLearn if you are in a high risk category for glaucoma.

11. A 21st Century Issue: Digital Eye Strain – With the mobile technology becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives, risks to your vision and overall health are posed. Learn about digital eye strain in this post as well as this one.

12. Computer GlassesProtect your eyes while logging hours in front of your computer.

13. What’s in an Eye Exam?This post is possibly the most important of all – learn what goes into a comprehensive eye exam and why they are crucial to healthy vision.

14. Macular Degeneration Testing – We now offer cutting edge testing that allows us to establish your baseline risk for macular degeneration. Learn more here.

To make an appointment to visit Dr. A or Dr. Doan, please click here.


Show Us Your Valentine

Show Us Your Valentine

Hey Parents! Bringing your little one to your appointment this week? Have them bring along the valentine they made for you and they’ll receive a special sweet treat just for them.

We love our eye2eye families! Watching the kiddos grow, graduate, helping you through each phase of your eye care needs.

Happy Valentine’s Day from eye2eye!

Not scheduled for an appointment this week? We still have a few openings, make one here.


Frames Friday: Prada

Frames Friday: Prada

Frames Friday is back! And we have a seriously stylish frame to bring you today.

A Prada frame – with tortoise brown acetate, oh my!

Our staff member and optician Liz, a style maven, picked these frames – they are classic but oh-so-current and a go to pair for fun and work.

Without further ado, here they are:

prada_tort4 prada_tort3 prada_tort2 Prada_tort

Love them? Schedule an appointment here to try them on & get your annual eye exam.