Scleral and Hybrid Lenses

What are the Advantages of Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses offer many benefits that can enhance your visual experience, especially if you have an irregular cornea, high levels of astigmatism, keratoconus, or have had corneal surgery.

Here's why these lenses are gaining popularity:
Consistently Clear Vision: Scleral lenses provide reliable and clear vision, even for individuals with irregular corneas.

Stability and Centering: These lenses feature a super-sized diameter that promotes stability on your eye, reducing the likelihood of them popping out or excessively moving on your eye.

Long-lasting Quality: Crafted from premium materials, scleral lenses are designed to be durable and provide lasting performance.

Allergy Protection: The larger size of these lenses acts as a barrier, shielding your eyes from allergens, debris, and dust.

Breathable Design: Scleral lenses are made from gas-permeable material, allowing your eyes to breathe and receive ample oxygen for comfort.
Moisturizing Comfort: These lenses include a pocket that moisturizes tears, ensuring a comfortable and hydrating wearing experience and promoting healthier eyes.

What to expect during a custom lens exam
When you come in for a scleral or hybrid lens eye exam, you embark on a specialized journey tailored to your unique needs. Unlike traditional contact lenses, these types of lenses require a more intricate fitting process that demands extra attention and expertise.

  • 3-D imaging of your cornea shape
    During the exam, our doctors use special instruments to capture a 3-D image of your cornea and the shape of your eye, as these are needed to create a lens that is shaped just for your eye.

  • Custom order
    Since the lenses are created based on the contour of your cornea, they are custom-made. They can take up to 14 business days to arrive from the lab.

  • Follow up visits
    The fitting process involves multiple visits to ensure the lenses provide the best fit and vision correction. Custom ordering is standard; each lens is crafted to match your prescription and eye shape. We aim to ensure your comfort and satisfaction, which means more time and effort.

While the process might take longer than traditional contact lens fittings, the outcome is well worth it. Custom scleral or hybrid lenses offer unparalleled comfort, clear vision, and the potential to manage complex eye conditions effectively.

If you seek consistent clarity, comfort, and eye health, scleral or hybrid lenses might be your ideal solution.