Private Eyeglass Styling

Our opticians, with their remarkable industry experience, unwavering trust, and a fan-following of satisfied clients and patients, have inspired us to craft an exclusive program tailored just for you – because the best things in life are truly personalized.

​​​​​​​Are you tired of feeling rushed or having poor customer service experiences at other commercial eyeglass settings?
That is the number one complaint our staff hears from our clients and patients. We now offer a personalized approach to shopping for an item you use and wear every day--welcome to our private frame styling experience.

Shop with your favorite optician
See our FAQ below on how to get started scheduling your personalized appointment.

How do I get started setting up an appointment with an optician?

Click the link to fill out three dates and times and the optician you want to work with. Our office will contact you to confirm the availability of the optician.

How much does this session cost?

A $100 deposit is collected and applied to your purchase. Your deposit is forfeited if you cancel in less than 24 hours (one business day).

How long is this appointment with the optician?

You will have one hour dedicated to your designated team member. To respect the optician's time and stay on time for other appointments, we will happily schedule you for another session if you have not finalized your purchase after one hour. You will be charged $100 for the first session, which is not applied toward the purchase since it wasn’t completed on that visit. You will need to place another $100 if scheduling a second session.

What do I have to do before my appointment?

Fill out insurance paperwork and a personalized eyeglass survey that will be emailed to you.

What can I expect during my frame styling session?

Your one-hour session will include a deep dive into the likes and dislikes of your current and past eyewear.

New clients: Besides your eyeglass survey, we ask that you bring your most current glasses AND sunglasses. Your optician will carefully review your survey and listen to your current lifestyle and eyewear needs to select options that work best for you.

Previous clients: Your optician will have your purchase history and be able to review and offer recommendations based on your survey and current interests.

What happens after my frame styling session?

We will apply your styling deposit to your purchase, and our optical labs will process your order. The turnaround time for your order is 14 business days unless the office makes other arrangements, depending on the item selected. Your optician will stay in contact with you regarding your order and be there for you when they are ready to make the necessary adjustments so they fit your face perfectly.