Do you have a hard time finding glasses that don’t slip down my nose or feel heavy after wearing them for over one hour? Do you hate that your lenses have glare and reflections when you use your digital device?

These are the top complaints that our opticians hear from patients every day. Since 2008, our opticians at Eye2Eye offer hand-selected eyewear from optical designers locally and abroad that meet their high standards of quality, design, and function in order to eliminate issues like this.

I wish someone could just tell me what fits and looks best on me.

Our optical team can do just that! Our opticians have a long-standing relationship with their patients and local community, and can take an inventory of thousands of glasses and narrow it down to a handful of options that are custom for you. If you live in Alexandria, you know how it feels when you walk into your favorite boutique and they know exactly what shoe or clothing item would be perfect for you. If you haven’t experienced this, let us show you!

Can I make an appointment with an optician?

Yes, our opticians are in high demand, so it’s best to call and schedule a time to see a particular one.

What kind of styles and brands do you carry?

If you want mainstream and to look the same as everyone else, there are plenty of opticals and online retailers that meet that need. Our opticians personally select each frame in our offices based on our customers’ needs, quality, function, warranty, and style. We offer high quality and lightweight acetate and titanium frames from a variety of vendors that also match our passion for eyewear. Feel free to take a look around here.

Can I have a virtual consultation with your opticians?

Yes, we offer virtual consults. Our opticians will make sure you have a current prescription, ask lifestyle questions to see select eyeglasses based on what would work best for you, and then select frames that match exactly that. Click here to find out more and schedule.