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We offer a wide of treatment for eye health needs such as; allergies, dry eyes, styes and red eyes.

Allergies:  Eyes, ears, nose and throat…all link together during allergy season.  Some eye symptoms you may have are itching, a feeling something is in your eye, redness, & watery eyes to name a few.  Our doctors provide homeopathic and medicinal treatment to alleviate and help maintain comfort during flare ups.

Dry Eyes:  Scratchy eyes, burning, tearing, redness, pain to open eyes in the morning are just some symptoms of dryness.  Sometimes allergies and dry eyes overlap, so don’t suffer when there many solutions to help relieve your symptoms and treat a chronically progressive issue.

Styes:  “lid bumps” can come in all forms from red, tender, hard, and crusty to name a few.  10% of all skin cancers are found on the eyelids-our doctors always make sure to rule that out during your treatment.

Red eyes:  “pink eye” is a generic, widely used term that is incorrectly used most of the time.  Red eyes can arise from bacteria, viruses, allergies, over-use of contact lenses to name a few.  Throw out the visine and stop in for an evaluation with the correct plan of action for your redness.