Tech Tuesday: Computer Glasses

At this point, you have probably heard about the dangers posed to your eyes by our increased use of computers and smartphones. The damaging effects of blue light, are a real threat in more ways than one. We have written about this very topic several times on this blog, you can read those posts here.

We have created the simple infographic above to illustrate how digital devices and blue light effect your eyes.

Our increased use of digital devices, means greater exposure to damaging blue light and can also cause digital eye strain - red eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, fatigued eyes and neck and shoulder pain. But alas, there are options out there to help prevent this exposure to blue light - computer glasses! Specifically designed lenses from BluTech that block out blue light and help reduce eye strain.


Stay tuned for our next post to learn more about BluTech and why we love it so much, you'll also learn about a patient's transformation when she switched to BluTech lenses!