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Vision Expo: New Brands + More

Vision Expo: New Brands + More

Our team returned from the International Vision Expo in New York last week and we thought we’d share a few of our favorite takeaways. We love attending industry events like the Vision Expo because it helps us stay up to date on the latest trends in eyewear and stay educated about the most cutting edge technology and advancements in eye care. Here’s a quick day by day recap!

Our team arrived at the Vision Expo and jumped right in to educational courses and learned about the latest trends in retail eyewear.

Tanim and Nick met with the Tom Ford team to see the latest designs in their eyewear collection (it’s good y’all!). They also visited The Loft to check out our favorite boutique and independent eyewear brands like Bevel. They also got to meet and peek Blake Kuwahara’s line and see brands Kirk&Kirk and Salt. What that means for you: tons of stylish new frames heading your way very soon.

They spent their evening on the Tom Ford cruise checking out the Statue of Liberty!

Saturday was a packed day! Tamin checked out all the latest designs from some of the most popular eyewear designers and met with new brands that we’ll be bringing to the store, including Kyme, State and Toms.

While Tanim was checking out eyewear, Nick headed to education courses to learn about the latest in retinal and digital imaging tools from Zeiss, Nidek, and Marco.

Our team got to meet Coco & Breezy (designers of a seriously fab eyewear line)!

What this means for you: even more designer frames and new lines will be coming to eye2eye!

Our team continued their hunt for new frames and fun products like Nerdwax and Croakies spec cords to bring to the store.

They wrapped up their time at the Vision Expo attending pop up talks and meeting designers and prepared to head home with new lines, new eyewear and lots of information for the rest of the eye2eye team.



eye2eye Goes to Vision Expo

eye2eye Goes to Vision Expo

It’s that time of year again, time for the International Vision Expo East! This year we sent two of our talented team members, Nick and Tanim, to check out the expo. They’ll learn about cutting edge technology, products and the latest trends in eyewear and bring it all back home to eye2eye.

Twice a year, once in New York City and once in Las Vegas the global eyecare community comes together for two unique events focused on education, fashion and technology.

It’s the preeminent destination for unveiling the most visionary designs, products, technology, medical advances and business solutions within and around the eyecare industry, and it’s the only place where you can experience it all first-hand under one roof.

We love attending the expo because it keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry and gives us an opportunity to bring technology, solutions and products back to our practice that we feel will benefit our patients and better meet their needs.

Follow Nick and Tanim’s journey at the Vision Expo on our social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And stay tuned for a recap of our favorite things we saw while we were there.

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eye2eye Heads to Vision Expo

eye2eye Heads to Vision Expo

Next week Dr. A, and our opticians Granville and Liz, will be heading the International Vision Expo in New York. We attend this annual conference for many reasons, including continuing education, access to the newest information about how to take better care of your eye health, to view revolutionary new products and the latest trends.

Attending this conference is important to us because it helps us be on the cutting edge of the industry and ensures that we are providing our patients the very best eye care available.

We learn so much about emerging technologies in care and burgeoning eyewear brands – and we bring it all home to eye2eye for you.

Stay tuned next week, we’ll be sharing what we see at the conference on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram – there will be lots of stylish eyewear!