Contact Lenses

We provide contact lens assessments and evaluations for new and existing contact lens wearers. For existing wearers, we ensure proper fit and prescription as well as make sure that you have the right brand and type of contact lens for you. Please review our contact lens evaluation policies here

For patients who desire the flexibility of wearing contact lenses, eye2eye offers a full range of options. Specialty lenses are available for a variety of eye conditions such as bifocals, astigmatism, and dry eyes. Our doctors will help you choose the best option to meet your needs.

All first time wearers will also receive instruction on how to insert and remove their contacts, instructions for care and follow up visits to ensure proper fit and vision correction of their contacts. We have Acuvue Oasys and 1-Day contact lenses in stock daily.

Important Contact Lens Notice

Contact lenses are a medical device and require a prescription from your doctor to obtain.  Your prescription will include the brand name, base curve, diameter, lens strength, number of refills allowed and an expiration date.

To renew or change a prescription, an annual eye exam by your doctor is required.  It is illegal for retailers to dispense contact lenses beyond the allotted refills or expiration date, or to make any other changes to the prescription.  This policy is regulated by the Federal Government.