Vision Expo Recap!

Dr. A and Elizabeth attended the International Vision Expo this past weekend in New York. Here is a great recap of all the new and wonderful things they learned!
Firstly, we are pleased to announce that we will be updating our software to the latest Certified Electronic Health Record System by MyVisionExpress.  Your check in, exam, and check out process will become better streamlined and reduce the need for so much wasted paper!  Eco –friendly and secure, what more can you ask for?
Part of the expo experience is attending lectures on pertinent eye health issues, here are just a few of the interesting lectures Dr. A attended. 
     The Role of Diet and Nutrition in Vision Care Omega-3, Lutein, Zeazanthin play a pivotal role in things like macular degeneration and overall eye health.

Infant See program to help detect early autism in babies An eye exam at eye2eye involved the whole family. Our patients who are new parents will always bring in their new babies during the exam, so we wanted to have the latest information on this important topic.

Dry Eyes Dry eyes are not solely age related anymore. It can occur at all age ranges and is increased by the air quality at work and home, extensive reading and/or computer work, and contact lens solutions, contact lens overwear, and allergies.

Allergies Itching, redness, watery eyes, or a feeling like something is “in” your eye are all symptoms of allergies, which typically overlap with dry eyes. Improved prescription eye drops with just once a day dosing and age range of 3 y/o and older, allow for increased comfort.

Along with lectures about eye health and treatment, Elizabeth took the opportunity to refresh her knowledge of the latest optical lens technology available. Want to see in HD? Now you can. At eye2eye we’re bringing you digitally made lenses for your glasses and sunglasses to enhance and improve your vision experience like never before. 

Progressives lenses Nanoptix technology (helps eliminate that “fishbowl” feeling in progressives) Synchroneyes technology (allows a wider angle of viewing w/ less peripheral distortion).

Computer lenses Better than ever before, you can now have increased comfort at your computer and desk while still seeing out to about 5’ in your office without having to take off your glasses. Perfect for progressive or bifocal wearers who have to tilt their head up to see and for people who don’t need glasses to see but are experiencing eyestrain during computer use.

Experio Sunglasses Not only does this sunglass technology block 100% of UV, it also virtually eliminates glare, which is even more blinding, and it allows you to stay outdoors comfortably and with the most protection for your eyes.