Tech Tuesday: Varilux S Series

Every Tuesday on the blog will now be Tech Tuesday! There are so many new and emerging lens technologies available now that help treat a wide range of vision problems and we want to be a resource for information on those technologies. Each week we will highlight a different lens technology that we offer here at eye2eye - you can look forward to learning a lot about lenses and which ones may be right for you! Now, on to this week's installment of Tech Tuesdays! This week we are highlighting Varilux S Series lenses. Varilux S Series lenses are progressive lenses. They provide limitless vision and offer a performance guarantee. There are two components of Varilux lenses that make the S Series lenses go above and beyond typical progressive lenses, Nanopitx and SynchronEyes.

The Nanopitx feature of Varilux S Series lenses ensures stability in motion effectively eliminating the "swim effect" many progressive lens wears experience. The "swim effect" is feeling off-balance when walking down stairs or when your environment is moving.

SynchronEyes technology is a revolution in lens design that ensures expansive vision in progressive lens wearers. Often times progressive wearers complain about a limited field of vision. SynchronEyes technology allows both the right and left lenses to work together as one visual system to ensure an expansive field of vision and edge-to-edge clarity.

If you are a progressive lens wearer and find yourself experiencing the swim effect or a limited field of vision, make an appointment to have your lenses evaluated and we will discuss your options for switching to Varilux lenses! You will certainly see and feel the difference.