Tech Tuesday: SYNC Lenses from HOYA

In this week's Tech Tuesday post we'll be discussing lens technology for 2014 - the SYNC lens developed by lens-maker HOYA specifically designed to ease the strain on our eyes caused by our increased use of digital devices. The SYNC lenses are made for the way our eyes work today. Which is very different from the way our eyes have worked previously. Our viewing range has changed a lot with the added use of computers, smartphones and tablets. As humans, our vision-use historically was more multifaceted - a compilation of distance viewing, intermediate zones and near-tasks. Now, our vision is very near-task oriented. This shift in vision can have harmful effects on our vision.

SYNC single vision lenses are designed to provide effortless, comfortable viewing adaptations to whatever your vision needs are. The revolutionary design of SYNC lenses allows you to focus in all directions and distances – while your eyes remain relaxed – all day long. Not only does this alleviate eyestrain, it significantly reduces fatigue caused by our everyday near task routines.

Our use of smaller screens is ever-increasing - smartphones, tablets, and eReaders oh my! Its never been more important to accommodate our vision needs than now - SYNC single vision lenses help keep vision healthy and eyes relaxed.

To learn more about SYNC single vision lenses - schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled doctors.