Tech Tuesday: Crizal Avance UV No Glare Lenses

Let's break this one down - this is a lens that everyone needs. We recommend it to each and every patient that comes through our practice. Its kind of the miracle worker of lenses - making your lenses scratch-proof, easier to clean and offering complete UV protection while reducing glare. We are talking about the Crizal Avance UV No Glare with Scotchguard lenses!

Benefits of Crizal Avance Lenses: - Durable - Dust-Resitant (repels dust!) - Stays cleaner longer - Reduces glare - Complete daily UV protection (Eye-sun protection factor of 25) - Crisper, clearer vision

These benefits are ideal for busy families, busy Moms, Dads, professionals, teenagers - literally everyone in your family. When your little one grabs your glasses off your face and tosses them on the floor - you don't have to worry about scratching.

Because of the cutting edge glare-reducing technology, you will experience fewer headaches and less tired eyes when working on the computer or watching TV. And the eye sun protection factor means total protection for long term eye health.

Let's get your glasses protected with this cutting edge technology, make an appointment to learn more!