Tech Spotlight: BluTech Lenses

You may have heard of the harmful effects of blue light. But you may not know what blue light is. Blue light is a high energy light that is emitted both indoors from flourescent lights, computer screens and mobile devices and outdoors from the sun. Blue light has many harmful effects on the eyes but perhaps the most damaging effect is the gradual oxidation and deterioration of the macula over time. This deterioration leaves the eye exposed and susceptible to developing macular degeneration. Thankfully lens companies like BluTech have developed lens technology that can block blue light and reduce the negative effects on our vision. BluTech offers lenses for both indoor and outdoor use. These lenses block out blue and ultraviolet light while allowing for natural depth and color perception, improved visual acuity and night vision, improved contrast and reduced glare. All of their lenses are also high impact resistant.

Indoor Lenses: Eyes can become strained from absorbing too much blue light from computers, mobile devices and fluorescent lights. BluTech indoor lenses provide: - Protection from sources of harmful high-energy blue light - Gives eyes relaxation from strain of screen lights - Soothes vision to help you focus

Outdoor Lenses: We all need to be wearing sunglasses with 100% UVA & UVB protection. BluTech lenses offer additional benefits like: - Protection from UV rays AND harmful high-energy blue light. - Won't distort color or depth perception - Durable, comfortable and sage

Blue light protection is crucial as we continue to increase the use of computers, mobile devices and screens. Protection from harmful high energy blue light is crucial in helping to prevent and reduce the likelihood of macular degeneration. If you spend a lot of time using computers or mobile devices, BluTech lenses are a great choice for you - make an appointment to come in for an eye exam, macula pigment testing and we'll discuss options for switching your lenses to BluTech lenses.

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