Sports Vision Safety Month

April is National Sports Vision Safety Month & it couldn't be a more important topic to discuss as the spring sports season is well underway. Many sports pose serious risks to eyes and vision - but the top three most dangerous? Baseball, martial arts and basketball. There are over 100,000 sports-related eye injuries per year, 42,000 of them end up in the ER and 13,500 of those injured go blind - 90% of these are preventable injuries by using proper eyewear.

The average cost of a basketball eye injury for a child under 15 is $3,996 - you could save over $3,00, and most likely more, by purchasing proper protective sports eyewear for your child.

To learn more about protective eyewear, schedule an appointment - we can help you discuss the best options for your child as well as fit them for protective gear.

For more info, browse the easy reference guide below.

A few great resources for information about how to keep your vision safe during sports activities: 1. AOA 2. All About Vision 3. Get Eye Smart 4. NIH