Sports Safety: Rudy Project Glasses

April is National Sports Vision Safety Month. With over 100,000 sports-related eye injuries per year, 42,000 of them ending up in the ER and 13,500 of those injuries resulting in blindness, it is incredibly important to make sure your eyes are properly protected during sports. 90% of sports related eye injuries are preventable by using proper eyewear. We carry high quality, certain-to-protect your eyes performance sunglasses and goggles from the Rudy Project. These sunglasses and goggles are made for cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, fisherman, swimmers, golfers, runners and more. Featuring revolutionary technology Rudy Project sunglasses and goggles combat the biggest concerns for all kinds of sportsmen - and protect your eyes while doing it. Rudy Project makes frames for both men and women!

Benefits & Features of Rudy Project Sunglasses & Goggles: – Extreme visual clarity – Maximum protection of the eye & total comfort – Elimination of sun’s reflection on road surfaces – Elimination of sun’s reflection on water – Increased depth perception – Adheres to face for perfect view & contrast of surfaces – Exceptional protection against atmospheric agents like dust, water & wind – Lightweight & perfect fit

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Photo credit: Rudy Project