See Like a Master

With play beginning in just two days for the 2014 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta Georgia, we thought this was the perfect time to discuss golfers and their eyewear technology. Most professional golfers wear sunglasses, especially if they have a prescription. But wearing their prescription sunglasses isn't just about correcting their vision - its about enhancing it. Proper lens tint and optics help to reduce overall brightness while maintaining 100% of true color perception, which is crucially important for golfers who need to decipher intricate green conditions.

The Shamir lens company has create a golf lens that has revolutionized sport sunglasses and resolves common issues like distortion of color and difficulty seeing through multiple zones clearly.

To understand Shamir's lens technology, we must understand how your vision works at different ranges. There are essentially three zones that make up your range of vision, these zones determine your ability to see objects close to your eyes, objects midway from your eyes and objects far away from your eyes.

The three zones are your near vision zone, your intermediate vision zone and your distance vision zone. Progressive lenses correct and improve vision in all three zones using seamless lens technology. Many athletes and golfers who need multiple zone corrections choose to wear progressive lenses.

What Shamir has done is optimize these progressive lenses for the specific needs of golfers. Often golfers were struggling to see their feet clearly through the intermediate zone in their current progressive lenses. Shamir developed technology that creates a longer focal point in the intermediate zone of their lenses - this helps golfers wearing progressive lenses to see the ball at their feet, better than ever before.

If you find yourself hitting the green often or golf is a favorite pastime - now is great time to stop in and discuss how Shamir lens technology can help you bring your best game. Just like a good club, a good swing and good pair of shoes - a good pair of sunglasses is an essential tool in a great golf game.

Schedule an appointment for a vision evaluation or stop in to learn more about the wide range of lens technology we offer!