New Line: The Rudy Project

We are now carrying an exciting new line of performance sunglasses and goggles from the Rudy Project. These sunglasses and goggles are made for cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, fisherman, swimmers, golfers, runners and more. Featuring revolutionary technology Rudy Project sunglasses and goggles combat the biggest concerns for all kinds of sportsmen. Benefits & Features of Rudy Project Sunglasses & Goggles: - Extreme visual clarity - Maximum protection of the eye & total comfort - Elimination of sun's reflection on road surfaces - Elimination of sun's reflection on water - Increased depth perception - Adheres to face for perfect view & contrast of surfaces - Exceptional protection against atmospheric agents like dust, water & wind - Lightweight & perfect fit


Come in today for an appointment or give us a call to learn more about how Rudy Project can help meet your sporting sunglass needs!