Locally Conscious: Kids Vision For Life

We are offered many opportunities to take part in community events, and we often say yes, especially when they benefit the community in important ways. So, when we were approached by the Essilor Vision Foundation to take part in the Kids Vision For Life mobile clinic, we were ecstatic and both Dr. A & Dr. Doan jumped on the opportunity. Kids Vision For Life (KVFL) is a 501(c)(3) public charity founded by the Essilor Vision Foundation to provide FREE vision screenings, eye exams and glasses to school-aged children most in need without access to vision care. With their mobile clinic and in-school vision education programs, KVFL is a cost effective approach to removing poor vision as a barrier to children learning at their capacity.

Their mission is hugely important to helping create a better and brighter future for children who struggle with vision problems. To date they have performed over 519,000 free eye exams & over 135,000 pairs of free glasses to kids in need.

Dr. A & Dr. Doan staffed the mobile clinic right here in Alexandria last fall. They gave eye exams, vision screenings and helped fit children for free glasses.

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