Locally Conscious: Apprenticeship Program

Part of being locally conscious is helping to ensure that we have future generations of strong leaders and well trained professionals. We participate in the Virginia Apprenticeship Council's program for new and existing employees to begin an apprenticeship to become licensed opticians.

We believe programs like this set our opticians a bar above the rest. Our opticians participate in rigorous course study and must pass required exams. They experience practical hands-on training in optical laboratories; learning to fabricate lenses properly, and are required to acquire a minimum number of work hours prior to being allowed to take the exam for licensure.

By employing licensed and trained opticians we ensure your glasses are ordered and made correctly. Without our exceptionally trained and certified staff, you could end up paying for an inferior product that hasn’t been properly produced. There are many eyewear companies that hire only frame stylists, not certified opticians. That approach is not at the core of our mission.

We care deeply about our community and creating a program like this locally allows us to ensure that jobs stay local in Alexandria. Our patients and customers will interact with properly trained professionals, and future generations will have the ability to participate in an apprenticeship program as a career path.