Kids Summer Sunglasses!

We have kids summer sunglasses from great brands like Ray-Ban & Zoobug! Here are 5 important things to consider when purchasing sunglasses for your children:

1. Be sure the lenses are impact resistant & the frames made of "unbreakable" material. 

2. Pick a large, close-fitting frame. These are best to help protect children's eyes during play. 

3. It is most important that your child wear sunglasses between 10am-2pm, when the suns rays are the strongest.

4. Beware of cheap sunglasses. They can pose safety hazards when made of cheap materials and low quality paints. 

5. Know the percentage of UVA & UVB rays being block by the sun - be wary of the phrase "blocks UV rays". You want a lens that blocks out 100% of UVA & UVB rays. 

All of the sunglasses available at eye2eye meet all five of our recommend buying guidelines. Bring your little one in and let's get them fitted for fun summer sunglasses.

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