Jeepers Creepers

Where'd you get those peepers? Keep them safe this Halloween by following the American Optometric Association's guidelines for decorative costume lenses. We have all seen them, they are super spooky and can cover the eye with a solid color or crazy pattern, but the AOA says they can cause serious damage to your eyes due to the risk of infection associated with wearing the lenses. 

The lenses that pose risks are illegally marketed, non-corrective lenses obtained without a prescription from places like costume shops, flea markets, the Internet, beauty shops and sometimes even retail outlets. Federal law does require the FDA to regulate decorative lenses as medical devices but the lenses are still sold illegally directly to the consumers. According to the AOA there are several risks associated with wearing decorative contact lenses improperly such as conjunctivitis, swelling, allergic reaction and corneal about a scary Halloween. 

Keep your peepers protected this Halloween by avoiding decorative lenses altogether. If you are in need of corrective contact lenses, call us (703-584-0122) and schedule an appointment to determine if you are a candidate for corrective lenses! Have a safe and happy Halloween!
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