How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

Glasses and sunglasses get smudge-y, dusty, dirty - it's just a fact of life as an eyeglass wearer. Some of us are guilty of the corner of the t-shirt cleaning technique or the huff on the lens and use to fog from your breath to clear the lenses move - but the truth is, neither of those are the best way to be cleaning your glasses and sunglasses lenses. Here is the right way to clean them:

1. Ideally you'll use the lens-cleaning spray given to you by your optician along with the microfiber cloth.

2. If for some reason you don't have spray or a microfiber cloth, you can use dishwashing soap, choose one that is non-abrasive and cuts grease. You'll also need a 100% cotton cloth.

3. Wash the lenses and frame using lukewarm water, the dishwashing soap and cotton cloth. Pay special attention to the frames and earpieces where make-up, hair product and dirt can build up.

4. Make sure never to use an ammonia based product like Windex - they strip the coatings and damage the surface of your lenses.

Ideally, clean your glasses once a day to keep them optimally clean and functional.