Hilltop GPS Directions

We have had several patients mention that finding our new Hilltop office location using their GPS has been difficult. The Hilltop Village Center shopping center that eye2eye Hilltop is located in is brand new - even the roads are new! So, with the renaming of several roads leading into the shopping center, and the creation of new roads throughout the shopping center, it seems to be confusing GPS and navigational systems (including Google Maps, Waze, etc). We wanted to help alleviate some of the annoyance with finding our new location. The best way to navigate to the new location is to enter the Alexandria Wegmans into your GPS.

Here is the Alexandria Wegmans address: 7905 Hilltop Village Center Drive, Alexandria, VA 22315

Below is a map you can use to navigate to eye2eye Hilltop, simply plug in your starting address.