Halloween Safety

Every year, we see patients who've injured their eyes using unsafe contact lenses or costume contact lenses. We want to share a few tips to help make sure you enjoy your Halloween without the creepy eye infection. Eye-ehancing or eye-changing contact lenses can be safe, if you do it right! Follow these easy dos and don'ts and your eyes will thank you.


  1. Make sure to schedule an eye exam with at our office or your local optometrist to be fitted for all contacts. This ensures that the product you're purchasing are safe and fit properly.
  2. When putting in your new contact lenses, make sure you wash your hands before applying your contacts.
  3. Properly clean and store your lenses after each use. Ask your optometrist for advice on how to clean and store them, or click here to learn our recommendations.


  1. Buy contact lenses without a prescription.
  2. Buy at convenience stores, flea markets or retail shops or any other non medical shop. You risk infection and irreversible damage to your eyes.
  3. Swim while wearing contacts, costume contacts or vision correction contacts.
  4. Swap or share contacts with others - this is a definite no-no.
  5. Sleep in your contacts unless they’re specifically designated for that purpose,
  6. Wear longer than recommended.

Check out this helpful infographic from the AOA. aoa_contacts_infographic