Get Google Glass at eye2eye!

We have some very exciting news for eye2eye patients! We are now an official Google Glass provider! We will be receiving the kits for mounting soon but our optical staff is trained on how to put a prescription in glasses for those who need it.
Once we get the kits, we will be able to share so much more exciting information about this amazing technology. For now, here are a few frequently asked questions from the American Optometric Association.
  1. Can I drive while wearing Google Glass? Just as you wouldn't text and drive, you shouldn't use the device while driving.
  2. I have poor vision in my right eye. Can I still wear Glass? Optometrists who have used Glass say it's probably best to wear the screen over the dominant eye. However, Glass is only available with a right-eye-positioned screen.
  3. I've been diagnosed with dry eye. Will Glass make it worse? Looking up repeatedly to access the Glass screen could exacerbate dry eye, some optometrists speculate, but symptoms could be less pronounced with a glance as opposed to a prolonged stare.
  4. Can you fit me with prescription lenses for Glass? Currently, Glass is mounted to a specially designed frame with nonprescription lenses. However, Google announced prescription lenses may be fit to the frames with help from eye care providers.

Stay tuned to our blog and newsletters for updates about Google Glass!