Get Back on Track This Fall

Autumn is quickly approaching, and with these cool evenings and mornings - it almost feels as though its here. With the flurry of back to school behind us and those of us without kids settling into our autumn routines, this fall is a good a time as ever to bring the focus back onto our personal health. When is the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? For some of us - it has been far too long, maybe since our college days. If you've had an eye exam recently, consider scheduling your annual exam soon.

As we age it grows increasingly important that we monitor our vision and eye health. Our expert doctors and knowledgable staff will guide you through your appointment - every step of the way. Our comprehensive exams now include screening for macular degeneration - this helps us establish a baseline as well as your risk category. To read more about our state of the art macular degeneration testing, please click here.

If you are curious what goes into an appointment here at eye2eye - click here to read our step by step information!

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