Frames Friday: Petite Women's Frames


This Friday we are showcasing frames for petite ladies! We hear it often - "I have to shop in the kids section because my face is small!". Well, not at eye2eye. We offer several stylish options for ladies in need of petite frames.

The Bevel "Check" Frame is pictured above - a great option for smaller sized faces. It comes in a variety of colors - pictured above is black and ivory and the brown and mint color variations. This is an acetate frame, hand polished and very comfortable. Bevel uses the highest quality acetate when producing their frames.

Another frame to consider is the Bevel "Walkabout". The Walkabout is included in Bevel's Titan line of titanium frames. Titanium frames are a lighter wear than acetate and provide optimal comfort and long wearability. The "Walkabout" comes in a variety of color options.

If you are on the hunt for a pair of petite frames - call or click to schedule an appointment. We'll evaluate your vision and get you fitted by our expert opticians for the perfect pair!