Frames Friday: Etnia Barcelona

framefridayetniabarcelona_1 Etnia Barcelona is a brand focused on innovations in the use of color in acetate. Currently they work with more than 500 color references, each one of which has been designed by the Etnia Barcelona creative team and produced at the Mazzucchelli (Italy) acetate factory, carefully selecting the pigments to establish a “rainbow” range with a futuristic approach.


If you are looking for bright, bold and on-trend color selections, Etnia Barcelona is your brand. The frames pictured above are the "Delhi" frames. Another great feature of the Etnia Barcelona frames is their commitment to sustainability. They use 100% eco-friendly acetate, made from natural organic elements like cotton and wood pulp. This makes their frames 100% recyclable and biodegradable!


Want to get outfitted in some bright, bold, colorful Etnia Barcelona frames? Click here to make an appointment!