Firework Safety

With the 4th of July tomorrow, fireworks and sparklers are sure to be a part of your celebration - whether it's big community shows are small sparklers in the backyard. Did you know that sparklers are a major cause of firework related eye injuries each year? 16% of all injuries related to fireworks are eye injuries. The risk is for injury is much higher for ages 15-24 and children under 10. Firework safety starts with common sense, make sure to light fireworks from a distance, do not stand over fireworks when lighting them, keep children and pets at a safe distance and keep water around in case of a fire.

Follow these helpful safety tips from the American Optometric Association and your holiday celebration will be free of any accidents!

1. Do not allow young children to handle fireworks and never leave them unsupervised near fireworks.

2. Wear protective eyewear when lighting and handling fireworks of any kind.
3. Refrain from purchasing sparklers. Heating up to 2,000 degrees, sparklers are the number one cause of fireworks injuries requiring trips to the emergency room.
4. Be aware of your surroundings and only light fireworks when family, friends and children are at a safe distance.
5. Be sure to keep a large bucket of water or hose handy for extinguishing fireworks and potential fires. 
If an eye-related injury does occur, the best first aid to administer is to not touch the eye, call 911 immediately. Touching the eye may worsen the injury.
Have a safe and happy 4th of July!