FAQs: Windex & Loose Glasses

As an optometrist, Dr. A gets a lot of questions from her patients about how to properly care for their eyeglasses as well as questions about common problems they encounter. In our Most Frequently Asked Questions series on the blog, we are addressing common questions from patients! Today's post is all about eyeglasses, caring for them, how to clean them and why that one side always seems to be loose.

1. How do I properly clean my glasses? Ideally, use the spray and microfiber cloth given to your by the optician. At eye2eye, every time you purchase a pair of eyeglasses, we provide you with a cloth and cleansing spray. In a pinch, you can use dishwashing soap only (non abrasive, cuts grease) and a 100% cotton cloth to wash/wipe with. Be sure the cloth the is clean and free of debris, debris could scratch your lens.

2. Is an ammonia based product, like Windex, safe for my glasses? This is a big no-no and a common misconception. NEVER use ammonia based products on your lenses as they will strip the coatings and damage the surface of your lenses. If you don't have your optician-provided cleanser handy - use a soft cloth and dishwashing liquid.

3. My glasses seem to always be loose on just one side.  Why is this happening? Use TWO hands to remove/put on glasses. If you frequently take off your glasses with one hand (usually your dominant) that side will stretch more, causing it to feel loose on one side. You can always stop in to eye2eye for a quick adjustment if you need one!

4. Is it okay to have my glasses on top of my head when not in use? It makes an easy headband! Oh the glasses-on-top-of-the-head move! Firstly, your glasses will stretch out and not fit properly on your face if you wear them on top of your head. Secondly, the oils and products you use in your hair gradually build up deposits in the grooves where your lens sits, these deposits are very difficult to clean. Lastly, while they may seem small - your hair fibers will scratch the lenses over time, you can avoid that long-term damage by just leaving them on your desk.

5. I only use my glasses for driving.  May I leave them in the car? Of course it is logical to want to leave glasses that you use strictly for driving in the car - but extreme cold and warm temperatures will affect the acetate, lenses and metal of your frames. Your glasses can warp, become misaligned and that can result in an improper fit. Feel free to stop into the optical for an inspection and re-adjustment if needed.  A badly fitting frame will yield poor visual results.