Dr. A in Washington Post

Dr. Adamopoulos spoke with the Washington Post recently about digital eye strain and the effects of digital devices. The piece came out in WaPo today, on the heels of the Vision Council's new report about digital eye strain released last week at CES in Las Vegas (click here to see what's in the report). Here's a few excerpts from the Washington Post article, click here to read the whole thing.

"Dora Adamopoulos, a medical adviser to the Vision Council and an optometrist at Eye2Eye Optometry Corner in Alexandria, Va., said in an interview that more and more young people have been coming in to her practice in recent years complaining that their eyes are tired, red, burning or feel as though they have sand in them.

"I’m getting the millennials coming in feeling symptoms you used to feel in your early 40s," she said. Often, all they need is to reduce their use of the devices, take frequent breaks and maybe get filtering lenses."

Adamopoulos said she was "really surprised" by just how much time people are spending on screens these days.

"When you really look at some of the data, children especially, and the length of time [they are] spending -- and on not just one device but multiple devices -- it's astounding," she said. In the report, many parents said they allow their children to use devices for three or more hours a day.

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