Digital Eye Strain Report

The Vision Council released a report on digital eye strain at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Digital eye strain is caused by our increased use of digital devices and the exposure to blue light that is emitted by those devices. Digital eye strain is marked by symptoms including strained vision, blurry vision, dry eyes, red eyes, and neck, shoulder and back pain. Digital eye strain can be prevented and symptoms alleviated by the use of computer eyewear, including blue light blocking lenses and proper digital device eye-gonomics. 

Below you'll find the full report, but here we cover a few of the highlights and important takeaways.

Digital Eye Strain Report Quick Facts:

Nearly one-third of adults (30%) spend more than half their waking hours (9+) using a digital device.

72.5% of adults are unaware of the potential dangers of blue light to eyes.

TVs, smartphones & laptops make up the largest percentage of digital devices used.

The symptoms most commonly experienced as a result of digital eye strain are

  • Eye strain, 32.8%
  • Neck/shoulder/back pain, 32.6%
  • Headache, 24%
  • Blurred vision, 23.3%
  • Dry eyes, 22.8%

Millenials & Gen-Xers are in the highest risk of over exposure category (With 37.4% and 32% spending 9 or more hours on digital devices a day respectively) , followed by boomers and kids.

Our eyes are exposed to various sources of blue light. emerging research suggests that this cumulative and constant exposure to blue light can damage retinal this slow degradation could lead to long-term vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration (aMd) and cataracts.

Blue light-blocking lens materials such as blue attenuating anti-reflective lenses, or specialty filters, absorb specific wavelengths of high-energy blue light and limit penetration into the retina. If selecting blue light- blocking lenses, be aware that most varieties will distort color perception. These lenses can also help quell the effects of blue light on sleep.

Practicing proper eye-gonomics can help reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain.

It is important for consumers to be proactive about their vision health and to monitor if constant exposure to digital devices is impacting their eyes. While many individuals may be experiencing symptoms, they may not know there are products such as computer eyewear that can ease digital eye strain.

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