Daily Use Contact Lenses

Daily use contact lenses offer many solutions to those who wear contact lenses and glasses alike. Many contact lens wearers prefer to wear daily use contact lenses because they are convenient, affordable, simple and healthy. But if you are glasses-wearer who occasionally may not want to wear glasses for travel, sports or a special occasion - daily use contact lenses are the perfect solution. If you are interested in daily use contact lenses - schedule an appointment! We have lenses in stock and will teach you how to put them in and take them out of your eye. You will go home with samples to try out in the real world - you know, with kids bugging you for breakfast and rushing out the door for work - to make sure contact lenses are right for you.

When you return for your follow up appointment, we will review how your experience with contact lenses went and evaluate whether you want to move forward. If you decide daily use lenses are for you - we'll send you home with a fresh supply of contact lenses!

A few benefits of daily use contact lenses: - No need for cleaning (but you still have to clean your case) - Toss them out every night - don't sleep in them - and put a fresh pair in each morning - More hygienic because deposits are not building up on lens over time

Convenient, affordable, simple and healthy - what more could you ask for?