Best Frames for Kids

With brains on back to school, we've covered the importance of back to school eye exams - its not too late to schedule one! If your child currently wears glasses or needs to start wearing them - we'd love to introduce you to an eyewear brand perfect for kiddos, Menizzi. Menizzi frames are crafted in Italy specifically for children, teens and petite faces. Because they specialize in creating smaller frames, Menizzi offers a wide selection of colors and styles.

Menizzi frames are super kid friendly! They bend all the way open so your kids can't break them by opening them too wide - they also won't lose their fit. Menizzi's frames are kid proof - they are durable and hard to break.

The best news? We just got a new shipment of Menizzi frames for kids in the store, make an appointment to get your child fitted for a fresh new pair of back to school glasses.