5 Bad Habits Contact Lens Wearers Should Avoid

Are you guilty of these bad habits? Making sure you avoid these common contact lens mistakes will keep your eyes healthier and your contact lenses happier.

  1. Wearing  lenses for too long. Studies have shown around half of disposable lens users wear lenses longer than they're supposed to. Patients sometimes wait until the lenses become uncomfortable before they change them. Lenses should be changed before they become uncomfortable (kinda like underwear).
  2. Not washing hands before handling. Hands should always be thoroughly washed AND dried before handling contact lenses. Water can harbor harmful bacteria, so its just as important to dry hands as it is to wash them. A great suggestion for knowing how long to wash your hands? Hum "Happy Birthday" twice from beginning to end!
  3. Using poor quality solution. Make sure you are purchasing a solution that is designed for your particular lenses, pay attention to disinfection, chemical sensitivities and incompatibilities with lens materials. The cheaper solution is not always the best solution.
  4. Dirty contact lens cases. The AOA recommends wearers replace lens cases at least every three months, and cases should be cleaned and disinfected periodically in between. Case care is just as important as lens care. A clean lens in a dirty case is a moot point. Make sure you are keeping your lens case clean and disinfected!
  5. Falling asleep with contact lenses in! Did you know that falling asleep in lenses not designed for overnight use increases your risk of infection by 5 times? Take the lenses out before you snooze and save yourself a world of trouble. A good reminder, set an alarm on your phone at your usual bed time to remind you to take them out!

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Source: AOA