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eye2eye Goes to Vision Expo

eye2eye Goes to Vision Expo

It’s that time of year again, time for the International Vision Expo East! This year we sent two of our talented team members, Nick and Tanim, to check out the expo. They’ll learn about cutting edge technology, products and the latest trends in eyewear and bring it all back home to eye2eye.

Twice a year, once in New York City and once in Las Vegas the global eyecare community comes together for two unique events focused on education, fashion and technology.

It’s the preeminent destination for unveiling the most visionary designs, products, technology, medical advances and business solutions within and around the eyecare industry, and it’s the only place where you can experience it all first-hand under one roof.

We love attending the expo because it keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry and gives us an opportunity to bring technology, solutions and products back to our practice that we feel will benefit our patients and better meet their needs.

Follow Nick and Tanim’s journey at the Vision Expo on our social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And stay tuned for a recap of our favorite things we saw while we were there.

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eyelove + Chronic Dry Eye

eyelove + Chronic Dry Eye

Are you finding yourself using artificial tears often throughout the day? Do your eyes start to bother you when you’re reading, driving, checking email or browsing the web?

You may have chronic dry eye. Chronic dry eye can make life difficult, but it is entirely treatable with a few lifestyle changes and in some cases, prescription artificial tears.

Here is a great self evaluation you can take and bring in to your next appointment with our doctors. (Click here to download.)

Show yourself some eyelove with these dry eye reducing tips:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Not over-wearing contact lenses
  • Wearing sunglasses outside
  • Taking breaks from staring at your computer
  • Using a humidifier in your bedroom or in the house
  • Lowering the speed of your ceiling fan
  • If you’re still suffering from dry eyes, make an appointment to visit our doctors & let’s have a chat.


Snow Closure: Closed Tuesday 3/14

Snow Closure: Closed Tuesday 3/14

Due to the winter storm warning and predicted snowfall totals, our offices (Hilltop & Del Ray) will be closed Tuesday 3/14.

Our Hilltop location will be closing at 6pm on Monday 3/13. Thank you for your understanding. If you have an appointment scheduled, please call our office to reschedule.



WUSA9: Dr. A & Digital Eye Strain

WUSA9: Dr. A & Digital Eye Strain

Dr. A sat down with Ellen Bryan over at WUSA9 to chat about digital eye strain and how to find relief. The biggest takeaway – you may be experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain and not even know it.

If your eyes are feeling dry, scratchy (sandy) or tired at the end of the day it may be time to visit your eye care professional and talk about digital eye strain. There are so many easy fixes like protective lenses, lubricating drops, and simple tips like the 20/20/20 rule (every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds).

Check out Dr. Adamopoulos on WUSA9 with Ellen Bryan below!

If you feel like it’s time to chat with our skilled team at eye2eye about digital eye strain, click here to book.


Early Spring, Early Allergies

Early Spring, Early Allergies

Oh spring, so pretty, but from some, so miserable. With this year’s early spring in the Mid Atlantic, many are noticing allergy symptoms earlier than usual. As pollen levels rise you may notice symptoms like itchy, watery, red, eyes, sneezing and a runny nose.  There a few things you can do to reduce symptoms and help make this time of year more enjoyable and less miserable.

Dr. A’s 5 Ways to Make Spring Less Miserable For Allergy Sufferers

1.) Preventing & treating itchy, watery eyes. 

-Always wash hands and face after coming in from outdoors, be sure to take frequent showers to remove pollen.

-Wash hair more often as pollen can linger in your hair and when you lie down on your pillow or couch, your face can rub around in it, exposing you to more of the allergens.

-Replace old makeup and use an applicator instead of fingers to prevent pollen contamination.

-There are great prescription eye drops you may use once a day to reduce and/or limit eye allergies. Contact lens wearers may still wear contacts if they wait 10 minutes after inserting the drops.

2.) Start taking your oral allergy medication now. 

– The sooner you start taking your oral allergy medication, the better. Ideally, just before or once the pollen count starts to creep up, then one should start taking their oral allergy medicine as well as their allergy eye drops.

-People new to the area might  feel that they have a cold, and after 1-2 years, they realize the pattern – its allergies! Again, the earlier the better when starting treatment!

 3.) Switch to single use contact lenses during allergy season.

-Use one day disposable contacts during allergy season so that you insert a fresh, pollen free lens each day. This will greatly reduce your symptoms and keep your eyes itch-free.

-For those who have moderate to severe allergies, discontinuing contact lenses when the pollen is at its peak cuts down on the pollen “sticking” on the lens and staying on the eye all day. If using single use lenses is not reducing your symptoms, switching to glasses during peak season may be a better choice.

4.) Warning signs of something more serious. 

If you have pain, decreased vision, or redness that gets worse, it could be signs of other eye issues and you should see the doctor right away.

5.) What about the kiddos?

 -Be sure to encourage kids to wash their hands and face after recess or coming in from outdoors.

-Have them change their clothes when they return home for the day.

-Keep bedroom windows closed during peak pollen days.

-Change pillow case if kids did not wash hair that day.

-Discuss with their pediatrician options for treating their overall allergy symptoms, like taking an oral allergy pill.

Establishing the cause and having a doctor manage your eye allergies will help make sure you suffer less, click here to make an appointment with the doctors at eye2eye.