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Frames Friday: Face a Face Sunglasses

Frames Friday: Face a Face Sunglasses

These sunglasses are made for the super stylish woman who wants a splash of color and sturdy, stylish sunglasses!

Face a Face is known for creating elegant and modern designs with refined details. They use the highest quality acetate combinations to design eyewear that will last through every day use.

One benefit of becoming an eye2eye customer is that we spend time helping you find a frame that perfectly fits your face. If you have a frame or sunglass in mind that you’d like to try on, we’ll pull it as well as a few other styles we think you might like. Schedule an appointment here and stop in for the eye2eye treatment!

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Frames Friday: Bevel Beauty!

Frames Friday: Bevel Beauty!

This Friday we are bringing you the bright and colorful frames of Bevel! The lovely frames pictured above are the Titan frames by Bevel. Titan frames are made of 100% 4mm thick titanium and come in a variety of colors.

Bevel’s mission is to make eyewear that not only meets a need, better vision, but does it with style and ease. Since glasses are a fact of life for many people – why not make sure they reflect your personality and style?

Stop in and get fitted for a pair of Bevel frames – women with petite faces will appreciate their petite line of frames!

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5 Steps to Healthier Vision

5 Steps to Healthier Vision

Healthy vision is an integral part of overall health. Taking care of your eyes now can prevent serious eye diseases as well as ensure that your vision is sharp well into your twilight years.

Healthier Vision in 5 Steps:

1. Have a comprehensive dilated exam. 
A comprehensive dilated eye exam helps to not only properly evaluate your vision, it can also identify the early stages of common eye diseases, helping to prevent further damage. There are several elements of a dilated exam – first, Dr. A or Dr. Doan will place drops in your eyes that dilate or widen your pupils. This allows more light to enter the eye – the same way opening a door lets more light into a dark room. By doing this, your doctor is able to get a better look at the back of your eyes and examine them for signs of damage or disease. This exam will also ensure that you are seeing your best and if you might benefit from glasses or contacts.

2. Know your family’s eye health history. 
Just like your overall health history, family eye healthy history can hold the key to what diseases you and your eye health professional should be on the look out for. Many eye diseases are hereditary and knowing your risks can help your doctor catch potential symptoms early.

3. Eat well to protect your vision. 
So much research is emerging about diet and eye health. There are certain foods proven to help protect your eyes including dark, leafy greens, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and other types of fish, nuts and more. There has also been serious research proving the benefits of eating the Mediterranean Way.

4. Wear your sunglasses!
Using proper UV protection cannot be stressed enough. The suns rays can cause irreversible damage to your eyes and they should be protected at all times. Be sure to wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from 100% of UVA & UVB rays – we can help you select a proper lens at eye2eye.

5. Give your eyes a rest. 
Chances are you spend at lease some of your day focused on a computer, tablet, smart phone or TV screen. Give your eyes a rest from the fatigue and follow the 20/20/20 rule. Make sure that every 20 minutes you look at a spot 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Follow these five steps to improve your vision health. If you need to schedule your annual comprehensive exam, click here to make an appointment!

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Source: CDC

Winter Getaways

Winter Getaways

What is your idea of a winter getaway? A ski trip to the mountains? A weekend in the big city? A cozy cabin in the woods? Or a warm, tropical beach? We have eyewear to outfit you for whatever your winter getaway might be.

Maybe you are interested in wearing contacts for vacation, for more flexibility. Make an appointment to find out how part time contact lenses can make your vacation a more enjoyable one.  Contacts are easy to use, cost you about $1 a day, and are zero maintenance.

We also offer a wide range of sports eyewear – like goggles for skiing and polarized frames for fishing! Stop in & find out how we can help you get outfitted for your winter getaway!



Frames Friday: Lindberg

Frames Friday: Lindberg

Lindberg frames are truly special – a frame that is completely customizable, from color to shape to size – you can choose every element of your Lindberg frames. Lindberg are the masters of innovative frames designs that are truly original. They come with many accolades, especially their celebrity pedigree. Robert De Niro has been seen sporting Lindberg frames, as well as Bill Gates and Tyra Banks.

Lindberg frames boast the ingenuity of Danish design and they specialize in lightweight, rimless titanium frames – you’ll see a pair pictured above on Robert De Niro.

Lindberg revolutionized lightweight eyewear designs and were the first to create the rimless frame – that made the eye the focal point and not the frame. These frames are perfect for more formal occasions where you might not want your glasses to be a part of your look.

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Red Carpet Worthy Eyewear

CelebrityEyewearWith awards season underway and the Oscar nominations announced this morning, we have celebrity style on the brain. We gathered these star-studded photos of actors and actresses wearing frames we carry at eye2eye! From the top left, clockwise:

Zero G Irvington in Black-Antique Silver
Kevin Spacey is rocking the sophisticated and modern Zero G Irvington frame. With clean lines and solid frame, this is a great frame for dressier occasions.

Lindberg Frames with Transition Lenses
Robert De Niro is in good company wearing the Lindberg rimless frames – Bill Gates and Tyra Banks also sport the super sophisticated style. De Niro’s glasses feature Transition lenses, allowing him to have UV protection without having to change glasses when going in or outdoors.

Face a Face Vinyl 2
The always beautiful Jennifer Garner is seen wearing wearing Face à Face Vinyl 2 eyeglasses in the 388 – Gradient Tobacco. Face a Face makes a lovely range of frames for petite faces.

Zero G Brooklyn in Matte Silver
Entourage actor Adrian Grenier wears a classically cool pair of Zero G shades. We carry eyeglasses and sunglasses at eye2eye!

Bevel Frames
Matt Damon often wears Bevel frames – in several different styles. Bevel makes high quality frames in modern and unique designs.

Zero G Bronx in Matte Gold
Jeremy Piven rocks a gold frame from Zero G – perfect for a red carpet in LA! Get his look, make an appointment to get fitted.

Orgreen Chill 34
Avatar’s Sam Worthington rocks a pair of Danish designer Orgreen’s frames at the Oscars. Orgreen frames boast super trendy styles handmade from high quality materials.

Get a red carpet worthy look with any of these fabulous frames. eye2eye is committed to providing unique, independent eyewear to our customers – we offer frame lines that you can’t find anywhere else. Make an appointment to shop our selection of unique frames!



How to Care for Frames in Cold Weather


Cold temperatures can change the fit of your glasses or sunglasses. If you are one of many who leaves their sunglasses in the car, it is likely that yours have experienced a change in fit. In colder temperatures, especially below freezing, the material contracts and that change can cause tiny cracks to form.

With the exceptionally cold temperatures we have had this winter, your sunglasses (or glasses) most likely need to be adjusted. Stop in for adjustment and we’ll get them back to their normal fit as well as inspect them for any damage. To protect your sunglasses, it is best to keep them in your purse or briefcase during cold weather to minimize damage.

To schedule an appointment click here! If you need an adjustment, feel free to just stop by!


Frames Friday: Orgreen Clash

FFOrgreenThis Friday’s frame is all about the boys! The Clash frame from Orgreen is a favorite of our very own optician, Granville. He loves the look and feel of this frame. The Clash frame is described by Orgreen as being the most elegant punk style ever. The frames are sophisticated while still being masculine – combining thin, square lines in a generous shape.

Made from a combination of 100% pure titanium and beta titanium, they are built to last. The frame is available in several different color combinations, just a few of which are highlighted above. Click here to view more color options.

Inspired by the easy swagger of a rocker onstage, these frames were designed to have just a little attitude and a whole lot of style. Interested in getting fitted? Want to see them in person? Schedule an appointment!



5 Tips for Winter Dry Eyes

treatingdryeyes2The winter months mean more than just cold – it usually means dry air. Its dry outside and with forced air heating systems, it can be very dry inside too. Your eyes need more moisture in the drier months. Dry eyes can be very irritating and sometimes interfere with work and play. Here are a few steps you can take to help soothe and prevent dry eyes from Dr. Dora;

1. Increase Omega-3 Intake
Whether through eating more foods rich in Omega-3, like salmon, walnuts, pasture-raised meat and soybeans, or by taking an Omega-3 supplement. You should check with your doctor before taking any supplements to make sure they do not interfere with current medications. Omega-3’s help to increase your tear film. As a bonus – they will improve your hair and nail cuticles!

2. Use a Humidifier
There are a lot of great small scale humidifiers on the market that you can use in your office or home, but sleeping with one next your bed is a great way to help prevent dry eyes. Click here to find practical (and good looking) humidifiers!

3. Stay Hydrated
It is always important to drink lots of water and stay hydrated, but it can seem less important when the weather is cold. You still need to stay hydrated even though you aren’t sweating and overheating (hard to imagine being hot in this cold snap isn’t it?). Bringing a reusable bottle to work or keeping one around your home can help remind you to drink up!

4. Switch to Daily Contact Lenses
Consider making the switch to daily contact lenses during the drier season. Dailies ensure that you have a fresh clean lens on  your eye everyday, this in turn decreases dryness. If you interested in learning more about daily contact lenses, schedule an appointment or give us a call!

5. Proper Lid Hygiene
Properly cleaning your eyelids helps to make sure that your tear ducts aren’t blocked – if they are blocked they can’t secrete the tears your eyes need to remain lubricated. While in the shower, use warm soapy water or a clean washcloth to gently clean your lids and eyelashes.

Follow these tips to help relieve your dry eye symptoms this winter! As always, if you feel it more serious or you are having pain or redness, please schedule an appointment to come in and have your eyes examined.


Vision Health Resolutions for 2014

eyehealthresolutions1Making resolutions this year? Why not make a few for your vision and eye health? These resolutions are easy to keep and many benefit not just your vision health but your whole body’s health!

Vision Health Resolutions for 2014


Want the PDF of this to print and use? Click here!

Happy 2014, we hope it is healthy, happy and full of good vision.