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Frames Friday: Face a’ Face Ebony

FrameFri9.27_1This Friday’s featured frame is the Ebony frame by Face a’ Face! Face a’ Face frames are made in France and are fun, spirited and possess a certain joie de vivre about them. Face a’ Face offers a wide variety of styles and colors to suit any fashion sense – go bold with this style, the Ebony frame, in purple. Make an appointment and let our opticians pick the perfect frame for your face!


Frames Friday: Derek Lam for MODO



Looking to add a little color to your look? These Derek Lam for MODO sunglasses are your answer. It is easy to remember the importance of sunglasses in the summer, but they are also important in the fall and winter. While the days might be shorter and the sun might not seem as strong, the UV rays emitted in the fall can be just as damaging.

MODO is a fabulous brand of high quality frames and sunglasses that we carry. The frame pictured above is the Amari frame created by Derek Lam for MODO. Derek Lam is an American fashion designer who is known for his pretty, girly fabrics and clean, crisp silhouettes. The collaboration between MODO and Derek Lam makes for some stunning and fashion forward frames.

Stop in and check out our selection of designer frames!


Dr. A’s Tips: Treating Fall Eye Allergies



It is almost that time of year again, when the leaves change colors and we spend lots of time outdoors taking in the gorgeous foliage. You might also notice those pesky fall allergies starting to make an appearance. If you are suffering from itchy, dry allergy eyes, follow Dr. A’s tips to manage and reduce your symptoms. If you feel like these at-home remedies are not giving you any relief, or your symptoms are not improving, schedule an appointment to see the doctor and she will help you find solutions that work for you!

Combating Itchy Watery Eyes

Itchy, watery eyes can be the most frustrating part of eye allergies – to minimize your symptoms be sure to always wash your hands and face after being outdoors. Wash your hair more often too – allergens can linger in your hair and transfer to your pillows, then to your face. Replacing your old make-up can ensure that you are not applying allergens directly to your eyes and face. Be sure to start taking an oral allergy medication prior to the start of the season (now is a great time to start) as the medication is more effective when used as a preventative measure.

Preventative Treatment

We’ve touched on this subject before, but it is essential to begin combating the symptoms as early as possible, sometimes before they start. Along with an oral allergy medication, using prescription allergy eye drops early can help reduce the severity of the symptoms. Contact lens wearers can still wear contacts as long as they wait ten minutes after inserting the drops.

Contact Lenses

If you suffer from mild eye allergies, limiting the hours you wear contacts can help reduce the symptoms. Using one day disposable contacts during allergy season is a great way to ensure that you are inserting a fresh, pollen-free lens each day.

For those who have more moderate to severe allergies, you might consider discontinuing wearing your contact lenses when the season is at its peak. This will cut down on your eye’s direct exposure to allergens by ensuring that they aren’t “sticking” on your contact lens and irritating your eye all day.

When to See the Doc

For the most part, with a few preventative measures you can avoid having to make a trip to the doctor. But there is a point when your symptoms might need medical attention. If you are experiencing severe itchiness that is not tamed by oral allergy medication you should certainly make an appointment to come in – the doctor will need to rule out that it isn’t something more serious like an infection. If you begin to experience pain, burning, swollen eyes, decreased vision, worsening redness or any of these symptoms to a severe degree for several days, it is time to make an appointment at eye2eye.

The Kiddos

Kids can be sensitive to seasonal allergens. Encourage them to wash their hands and face often as well as after recess or when returning indoors. Keep their bedroom windows closed and change their pillow cases often. Keep an eye on their symptoms, if they worsen or become more severe, make an appointment to see the eye doctor.

We hope with these tips from Dr. A that your allergy symptoms are managed and you can get out there and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!


Frames Friday: Bevel



It is Frames Friday! This week’s featured frame is from one our favorite brands, Bevel. Bevel was founded in 1999 and is committed to creating and manufacturing frames that are practical and stylish. Bevel believes that while we wear glasses to meet a need that they also draw attention to our greatest asset, our face. And that we should highlight that asset with great design. We here at eye2eye could not agree more with that sentiment.

Our staff loves the Alan Milky frame because it is classic but still colorful. The combination of brown and mint is unexpected. Bevel describes this frame as having attitude with its funky riff on the classic cat-eye style. All of Bevel’s frames offer a precise fit, making them comfortable and flattering. They are engineered using high quality acetate which makes them less prone to distortion, meaning you need less adjustments. Bevel pioneered a revolutionary design called Betaplast – a titanium core with an acetate overlay. This means you get the rich color of acetate and the strength, lightness and comfort of titanium. Their frames are also hand polished to create a rich luster.

Love these fun Bevel Alan Milky frames? Click here to learn more about Bevel or here to make an appointment to come see us!

Happy Friday!


Frames Friday!



Every Friday is frames Friday at eye2eye Optometry Corner! We will highlight one of the great brands or a great pair of frames that we carry. This Friday (realize is is a little late, we had some issues with our server Friday), we are featuring one of our favorite brands, MODO. They offer a wide range of frames from popular designers as well as their ECO line, which is made from recycled materials but offers maximum style.

MODO collaborates on eyewear lines for major style-makers like Derek Lam & 7 For All Mankind. MODO frames are built to last using high quality materials. If you keep up with New York Fashion Week you will certainly spot MODO frames heading down a few runways.

The ECO brand of frames are made from 95% recycled material. For every frame they sell, they plant one tree with over 790,000 tress already planted. They also partner with OneSight (as does eye2eye) to donate used glasses for those in need – you can bring your old frames in and they will be recycled.

Being environmentally friendly and looking good is the best of all worlds! Eco is designed to be trendy and easy to wear.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call!