Update: We’re out of our solar eclipse viewers. Please visit our blog for a detailed list of approved and certified viewers for purchase. 

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  • Back to School Sale

    Back to School Sale

    Get the kids ready for their best year yet with our back to school sale! Take advantage of this promotion Saturday 8/12 through Saturday 9/9. Get FREE single vision lenses…

  • Guide to Viewing the Eclipse Safely

    Guide to Viewing the Eclipse Safely

    A once in a lifetime event coming to Alexandria and the DC area? How can we resist participating? With the DC area experiencing 81% of the solar eclipse, we’re sure…

  • Back to School Eye Exams

    Back to School Eye Exams

    It’s that time of year again! Time to schedule your back to school comprehensive eye exams. It is so important that children get a comprehensive eye exam before they start…

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  • The staff was perfect! Very helpful with everything! They were on point with my examinations! The word will get out ! Thank you!

  • My experience was great. Granville was very helpful and full of great energy. I would definitely shop there again. Thanks

  • I don't know why I ever went anywhere else. The Dr. and everyone who works there are extremely nice and give you all the help you need. They don't pressure you into purchasing glasses, but are very helpful helping you pick out a pair (regardless of whether or not you're buying).