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Vision Expo: New Brands + More

Vision Expo: New Brands + More

Our team returned from the International Vision Expo in New York last week and we thought we’d share a few of our favorite takeaways. We love attending industry events like the Vision Expo because it helps us stay up to date on the latest trends in eyewear and stay educated about the most cutting edge technology and advancements in eye care. Here’s a quick day by day recap!

Our team arrived at the Vision Expo and jumped right in to educational courses and learned about the latest trends in retail eyewear.

Tanim and Nick met with the Tom Ford team to see the latest designs in their eyewear collection (it’s good y’all!). They also visited The Loft to check out our favorite boutique and independent eyewear brands like Bevel. They also got to meet and peek Blake Kuwahara’s line and see brands Kirk&Kirk and Salt. What that means for you: tons of stylish new frames heading your way very soon.

They spent their evening on the Tom Ford cruise checking out the Statue of Liberty!

Saturday was a packed day! Tamin checked out all the latest designs from some of the most popular eyewear designers and met with new brands that we’ll be bringing to the store, including Kyme, State and Toms.

While Tanim was checking out eyewear, Nick headed to education courses to learn about the latest in retinal and digital imaging tools from Zeiss, Nidek, and Marco.

Our team got to meet Coco & Breezy (designers of a seriously fab eyewear line)!

What this means for you: even more designer frames and new lines will be coming to eye2eye!

Our team continued their hunt for new frames and fun products like Nerdwax and Croakies spec cords to bring to the store.

They wrapped up their time at the Vision Expo attending pop up talks and meeting designers and prepared to head home with new lines, new eyewear and lots of information for the rest of the eye2eye team.



Elizabeth’s Pick: Bevel Titanium

Elizabeth’s Pick: Bevel Titanium

Lic_picks_transOur staff picks are back this week! We’ve got a lightweight titanium frame from Bevel in the perfect summery plum color. Elizabeth chose this frame for many reasons – the first one being that this frame is made from 100% pure titanium and is lightweight and comfortable. Barely-there lightweight titanium frames are perfect for surviving the summer heat.

Elizabeth also loves these frames for their fabulous pop of color. Plum is a great color for many skin tones and the pop of green on the inside of the frames is a playful peek-a-boo green hue.

If you’re looking for comfortable, colorful and stylish frames – this Bevel style is perfect for you. Schedule an appointment and Elizabeth will help fit you for these fab frames.

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Memorial Day Sunglasses

Memorial Day Sunglasses

Making your Memorial Day plans? They probably include some outdoor fun like BBQs, hiking, camping, water sports or beach time. You should be wearing sun protection during all these activities. Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to eye damage, including cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae and pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss. It can also cause premature aging around your eye area!

That’s where we come in. We have a huge selection of sunglasses for men, women, teens and kids too! Sunglasses for the whole family! Come by and snag a pair before this long holiday weekend, so the only thing you have to worry about is how much fun you’re having.

We have sunglasses from these great brands:
Kate Spade
Rudy Project
Zero G
Face a Face
Alexander Daas
And many more!


Spring Break Sunnies

Spring Break Sunnies

We are nearing spring break! That time of year when we take a few days to travel, rest, clean the house – hopefully you are planning a fun trip out of town to celebrate this little break from work, school and daily routines.

While you are planning your spring break packing list – there is one crucial item you cannot forget – a fresh new pair of sunglasses.

The sun is hanging around a little longer this time of year, which means we need to all be wearing our sunglasses more often. UV protection is key to preventing vision damage and even premature signs of aging. Yes – wearing your sunglasses protects your delicate eye skin from uv damage and wrinkles.

Good thing we have a fabulous selection of sunglasses from brands like Ray-Ban, Bevel, Face a Face, Kate Spade and Prada. Pack any of these sunnies in your spring break luggage and you’ll look stylish while protecting your eyes.

Shop our selection this week or make an appointment to come in and see us, we’ll help you select the perfect pair, get it properly fitted and make sure your prescription is correct.


Gift Guide: Sunglasses for Her

Gift Guide: Sunglasses for Her

What’s better than unwrapping a new pair of shades this year? Watching the lady in your life (mom, wife, sister, best friend, whatever) unwrap a new pair too!

We have a huge selection of ladies’ sunglasses from the very best brands like Prada, Ray-Ban, Modo, Face a Face, Kate Spade, Bevel and more! Stop in and shop for your favorite lady this weekend! We’re open Saturday 9am-1pm!


Your eye2eye: Meet The Staff Mellanie

Your eye2eye: Meet The Staff Mellanie

In this week’s edition of Your eye2eye, meet our patient care and insurance coordinator, Mellanie! Mellanie makes sure your experience at eye2eye runs as smoothly as possible and that you get the best possible care. In Mellanie’s Q&A learn what makes her love her job!

mellanie_red1 1. What is your favorite part of your job? The “behind the scenes” work, that makes the office run smoothly.

 2. What do you think sets eye2eye apart? The small-town feel of the neighborhood reflects in our office, and that is my favorite part.

 3. What is your experience in the eye care/optometry field? I have ten years of experience working in this industry.

 4. What is your favorite style/brand/frame? My current favorite frame is a cat eye frame from Bevel.

5. Hobbies? What do you do when you are not working? I enjoy entertaining, hanging out with friends and family.

Book an appointment with us today and let Mellanie and the rest of our staff take care of your optical needs. To learn more about what makes us an independent optical boutique, read more posts in our Your eye2eye series.


Brand Spotlight: bevel

Brand Spotlight: bevel

We talk a lot about our favorite brands of eyewear here on this blog. We often share our favorite styles from each brand – and why those styles are best for certain faces and certain needs.

We want to take you a little deeper into the brands we carry – share their stories, how they started, what goes into the creation of their products and why we carry them.

This week we are sharing the story of bevel – a brand built on the ideas of design and innovation.


Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson founded bevel in 1999. During the 1990s, Richard and Rick were colleagues at the Optical Shop of Aspen (OSA) and began seeking out one anothers’ advice and relying on each other as sounding boards. Their professional friendship seemed unlikely aside from their name, on the surface they appeared to have little in common. Richard, with the easy demeanor of the international traveler, is English, loves living in New York City, and enjoys independent music and film and classic literature. Rick, meanwhile, is a clean-cut all-American, born, raised and still residing in suburban Kansas City, having learned the fundamentals of the eyewear business working behind the counter of his father’s optical shop.

The two recognized their differences would be a strength in establishing a business together. Through his work with OSA and Alain Mikli before that, Richard was confident his modern, minimalist design esthetic would appeal to customers. Both men were determined to create a company that opticians would enjoy dealing with. By establishing the headquarters in Kansas City, rick knew he could find employees with the Midwestern warmth and sensibility to ensure outstanding customer service.

Mission + Commitment

They’re committed to making eyewear as essential to personal style and self-esteem as apparel or cosmetics. After all, while wearing prescription lenses corrects an optical need, it also brings attention to a primary asset: the face. Eyeglasses are universal, not gender specific, easy to maintain, and play a crucial role in our lives and daily discourse.

Bevel doesn’t want to be the coolest or hottest or most recognizable. Instead they’re committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist esthetic, using truly high-quality materials with Japanese production, and constantly seeking innovation so glasses look, fit, and perform better.

Through it all they strive to meet their ultimate goal: to help people feel good about themselves by making them look great.

Why We Love Them

We love bevel because of all the reasons listed above! Their commitment to high-quality materials really shows – but their design is so stylish and appealing to our customers. Our opticians love bevel because of their impeccable style and color options. Every product decision we make is based around what our customers have told us they need or want – and bevel consistently meets the lifestyle needs of our customers.

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Brand history, information, and photos courtesy of bevel.


Your eye2eye: What is an independent eyewear brand?

Your eye2eye: What is an independent eyewear brand?

In the second installment of our new blog series, Your eye2eye, we chat about why we stock the products we do, and what we hope our community and customers get out of their experience with eye2eye.

Why shop and support an independent eyewear boutique?

As a member and neighbor of our Del Ray community, we know first hand how important it is to this community to support locally owned small businesses like restaurants and retail stores. These small businesses make up the heartbeat of the Avenue, where main street still exists. Here at eye2eye we have gotten to know our customers over the years, we’ve learned what they like, we’ve listened to suggestions about products they need – and we’ve curated our collection of glasses and sunglasses to reflect those needs.

In keeping with the small town tradition of Del Ray, we too, like to do our best to support smaller eyewear manufacturers that carry products in a variety of price points that focus on design aesthetic, quality and attention to detail. Our customers like wearing a unique product that suits their lifestyle needs.

Every product we bring in to our store, we do with full awareness of our community and customers’ needs in mind.

Here are a few of our favorite independent eyewear brands and why we love them.

Face a Face

Face a Face is a French independent eyewear brand. Their designs are incredibly unique and high quality. Our opticians refer to them as “art for your face”.

Bevel is an independent eyewear line that creates classic designs in with modern touches. Their products are high quality and our staff loves them for their color choices!
Bevel Website4

Lindberg eyewear is at the top of the class for superior comfort and elegance. This independent eyewear line is known for their attention to detail and essential weightlessness.

Zero G
This independent eyewear line is known for there zero gravity weightlessness, making them one of the most comfortable frames around. They offer high fashion frames crafted for comfort.

Orgreen independent eyewear brand handcrafts artful frames that are trendy and fashionable. These designer frames are made to last.

Blackfin Titanium Eyewear
This independent eyewear brand is indestructible. Besides being unbreakable, they are also incredibly lightweight and super stylish.

We love supporting independent eyewear brands, and we hope you will come see the difference at eye2eye. Click here to make an appointment.


Frames Friday: Fall Favorites

Frames Friday: Fall Favorites

One of the best seasons is just around the corner – and already making in appearance in many places! The arrival of fall mean the changing of our wardrobes – switching out sandals for boots, t-shirts for sweaters and shorts for jeans and long pants.

Why not also switch up your eyewear? With frames in the warm hues of fall like brown, tortoise, burgundy and honey – you can match your specs to the colors of the season.

Above are a few of our favorite fall frames! From Face a Face to Bevel – we have the hottest brands in the best styles in stock and ready for your to update your look this fall.

Click here to make an appointment with one of our skilled opticians – they will help you select a frame perfect for your fall wardrobe. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates!


Frames Friday: Splash of Color from Bevel

Frames Friday: Splash of Color from Bevel

This week’s Frames Friday featured frame is the Bevel Walkabout frame! This frame offers a splash of color, purple in the particular one pictured, which is a welcome sight in this seemingly never ending winter. We are ready for bright colors, flowers and some real signs of spring.

Bevel is committed to maintaining a classic but minimal look, using high-quality materials and handmade in Japan.

Bevel is known for their small fitting frames, this being one of their highlights. Bevel offers an array of shapes and colors to choose from. Their titanium frames are made from 4mm thick titanium and are built to last, as well as comfortable.

Stop in and take advantage of our March Madness 20/20 event – refer a friend and you BOTH get a $20 gift card!