Contact Lenses


We assess and evaluate your needs.  

If you’re an existing contact lens wearer, we'll make sure you have the right prescription, and that your contact lenses fit properly.

We guide new wearers.

If you're new to contact lenses, don't worry - we're pros at teaching how to wear them, how to care for them and how to get started.

We’ll help you find the right fit.

Sometimes you want contact lenses as an optional alternative to glasses or you want to wear them full time. We’ll help you decide on the fit and brand, like dailies or long wear, that work best for you and your lifestyle.

custom contact lenses:

Experienced in fitting of custom contact lenses for patients with high or irregular astigmatism, keratoconus, and who have had cornea transplants.

Scleral Lenses, post surgical lenses, And Topography.

We map your cornea for conditions like high or irregular astigmatism or keratoconus.

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