Women In Optometry

Women In Optometry 2013  

Dr. Dora recently had the privilege of being featured in Women in Optometry Magazine. An amazing publication that is dedicated to cultivating the community of women in the optometry field. Dr. Dora was selected to tell her story for the Pink Ink column in Women In Optometry magazine. She wrote about her first five years in business and the trials and joys of stepping out on her own!

Her is a small sample of the article:

"Long before I graduated optometry school, I knew that I wanted to own a business.  My family has always encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit, running family-owned Greek restaurants for many years. Independent business ownership is in my DNA. After graduation, I earned my stripes working for a large ophthalmology group. I then worked as an independent OD affiliated with a corporate chain, until I felt I had gained the perspective on the industry that I needed. There is hardly ever a perfect time to take the plunge of starting a business, but I just knew that I was ready to branch out on my own.

After much deliberation on a business plan, I started the process of searching for an office space. It took me a year to find and secure my current location.  I had a list of must-haves - I wanted to be nearby my existing patient base and I wanted to find an area with a strong community where I could grow, but also contribute. At the time the economy was taking a hard turn for the worse, but healthcare providers still had some leverage with local banks and vendors.  I knew that making smart decisions with my overhead spending would be the key to long-term success. I looked for gently used equipment, avoided spending over the top on inventory and focused my dollars on building an inventory that worked for my budget. I wanted to offer products that would give me an edge, so I reached out to independent frame vendors. Doing this allowed me to stock unique products and negotiate more flexible terms, which helped with keeping my initial budget manageable."

Check back for more from Dr. Dora's feature!