Tech Tuesday: Lenses for Computers & Mobile Devices

In this week's edition of Tech Tuesday we are discussing eyeglass lenses specifically designed for use while using computers, tablets and smartphones. As we have mentioned on this blog before, one of the biggest vision health challenges in front of us now is combatting the negative effects of blue light emitted from computers and smartphones. This blue light is damaging to our eyes and increases our risk of macular degeneration. But, thankfully, the industry has responded with cutting edge technology that not only reduces our eyes exposure to harmful blue light, but reduces the strain on our eyes making seeing screens more comfortable.

Lensmaker Crizal has created the Prevencia lens, a blue-blocking lens that is specifically designed to block out harmful blue light. These lenses also provide UV protection from the sun in a clear lens, making them ideal for total vision protection. The Prevencia lens is also no-glare which helps to provide the clearest vision and reduce glare while driving, in the sun, and more.

Additional benefits of the Prevencia lens? They are scratch-resistant, repel dust and water, and resist smudging.

To learn more about the negative effects of blue light, as well as get tested for your AMD risk - make an appointment with one of our highly skilled doctors.