Your eye2eye: What is an independent eyewear brand?

In the second installment of our new blog series, Your eye2eye, we chat about why we stock the products we do, and what we hope our community and customers get out of their experience with eye2eye. Why shop and support an independent eyewear boutique?

As a member and neighbor of our Del Ray community, we know first hand how important it is to this community to support locally owned small businesses like restaurants and retail stores. These small businesses make up the heartbeat of the Avenue, where main street still exists. Here at eye2eye we have gotten to know our customers over the years, we've learned what they like, we've listened to suggestions about products they need - and we've curated our collection of glasses and sunglasses to reflect those needs.

In keeping with the small town tradition of Del Ray, we too, like to do our best to support smaller eyewear manufacturers that carry products in a variety of price points that focus on design aesthetic, quality and attention to detail. Our customers like wearing a unique product that suits their lifestyle needs.

Every product we bring in to our store, we do with full awareness of our community and customers' needs in mind.

Here are a few of our favorite independent eyewear brands and why we love them.

Face a Face

Face a Face is a French independent eyewear brand. Their designs are incredibly unique and high quality. Our opticians refer to them as "art for your face". faceafaceyellow

Bevel Bevel is an independent eyewear line that creates classic designs in with modern touches. Their products are high quality and our staff loves them for their color choices! Bevel Website4

Lindberg Lindberg eyewear is at the top of the class for superior comfort and elegance. This independent eyewear line is known for their attention to detail and essential weightlessness. lindbergmen

Zero G This independent eyewear line is known for there zero gravity weightlessness, making them one of the most comfortable frames around. They offer high fashion frames crafted for comfort. 47038_573627709327809_360897249_n

Orgreen Orgreen independent eyewear brand handcrafts artful frames that are trendy and fashionable. These designer frames are made to last. orgreen

Blackfin Titanium Eyewear This independent eyewear brand is indestructible. Besides being unbreakable, they are also incredibly lightweight and super stylish. 941324_528701523833532_815626530_n

We love supporting independent eyewear brands, and we hope you will come see the difference at eye2eye. Click here to make an appointment.