Healthy Aging: 5 Changes in Vision Over 40

Lots of changes occur in our vision throughout our lifetime, but some of the most notable changes come after age 40. This is also when we must start to pay closer attention to our vision to detect and prevent diseases. The five most common changes most folks 40 or over might recognize are:

1. The need for more light.  Being able to read in a dimly lit room is probably much harder than it used to be. Using more lamps or brighter bulbs will help make reading easier.

2. Difficulty reading or doing close work on a laptop, newspaper or book.  The lens in your eye becomes more flexible over time, making it harder for your eyes to focus. Make an appointment with Dr. A or Dr. Doan, we can help you find lens solutions to fit your needs.

3. Experiencing problems with glare.  Changes in the lens of your eye cause light entering the eye to be scattered rather than focused precisely on the retina, this in turn creates more glare. You may experience this when you are driving and notice increased glare from headlights and the sun on windshields.

4. Changes in the way you perceive color.  Typically, the lens located inside your eye is clear. Over time it may start to discolor making it harder to see and distinguish between certain shades of colors.

5. Reduction in tear production. As you age your tear glands will produce fewer tears.  Your eyes may feel dry and irritated. Having an adequate amount of tears is an essential element in keeping your eyes healthy and maintaining clear sight. You can read our blog about how to minimize dry eye symptoms here. If you feel like you are struggling with particularly dry eyes, make an appointment with Dr. A or Dr. Doan.


Source: AOA