eyelove + Chronic Dry Eye

Are you finding yourself using artificial tears often throughout the day? Do your eyes start to bother you when you're reading, driving, checking email or browsing the web? You may have chronic dry eye. Chronic dry eye can make life difficult, but it is entirely treatable with a few lifestyle changes and in some cases, prescription artificial tears.

Here is a great self evaluation you can take and bring in to your next appointment with our doctors. (Click here to download.)

Show yourself some eyelove with these dry eye reducing tips:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Not over-wearing contact lenses
  • Wearing sunglasses outside
  • Taking breaks from staring at your computer
  • Using a humidifier in your bedroom or in the house
  • Lowering the speed of your ceiling fan
  • If you're still suffering from dry eyes, make an appointment to visit our doctors & let's have a chat.