Elizabeth's Picks: Prada Sunglasses

We are very excited to share with you a new weekly blog post from our super talented and always stylish opticians - Elizabeth's Picks & Granville's Picks! Every Thursday we'll be sharing Elizabeth & Granville's favorite frames and sunglasses from our store. Elizabeth and Granville handpick every frame and sunglass that comes through our doors - its their mission to provide our customers with exactly what they want. So, stop by here every Thursday to find out what's new, what's hot and what Elizabeth and Granville are loving this week. Elizabeth's pick this week - a fabulous Prada sunglass. What does Elizabeth love them? - A fun twist on the classic aviator - Bright, light, spring color - in a pretty blue - "Because they're just ultra chic!"

prada_blue2 Prada_blue1

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