5 Summer Safety Tips

Summer fun has arrived - that means swimming, hiking and other outdoor fun! Keeping your eyes safe during summer activities is easy with Dr. A's simple tips. Got bug spray in your eye? Not sure if your sunglasses are protecting you properly? Read on for answers.

  • Be careful when spraying bug spray. If bug spray gets in your eyes, be sure to flush them completely with water and call your eye doctor right away.
  • Always wear sunglasses that have 100% UVA & UVB protection, we'll be covering this topic more in the coming weeks. If you aren't sure if your sunglasses offer 100% protection, stop in and we'll test them for free.
  • Wear sunscreen around the eye area to protect your eyelids from burning. Also, wear sunglasses!
  • Chlorine from swimming pools can cause a chemical burn in your eyes. Use preservative free artificial tears to flush out your eyes after exposure, and be sure to rinse off after pool time.
  • Contact lens wearers should be especially careful not to open their eyes underwater in a pool or other water area. River & lake water carry a variety of microorganisms, the most damaging called acanthamoeba. This organism has the ability to attach to your contact lens and as a result cause the cornea to become infected. Scarring can occur if the eye is not treated.

Have a safe and FUN summer by following Dr. A's summer eye safety tips!