Dr. A's FAQs: Part Time Contact Lenses

Dr. Adamopoulos gets a lot of similar questions from her patients, so we decided to start a frequently asked questions series on the blog to address some common concerns that may also interest you. This week's post is about part time contacts. Many patients wear glasses a majority of the time, and enjoy it. They may prefer the feel of glasses or enjoy adding to their daily style with a fashionable pair of frames. But sometimes, wearing glasses can be inconvenient, for example at the gym, when running or exercising, or when on vacation. Her patients often ask for a part time alternative to glasses. Dr. A has the answer - part time contact lenses!

There are many comfortable, affordable contact lens options that are single use. Single use lenses allow you to wear the contact lenses for the activity you want and then simply throw them out.  No fuss, no cleaning, no maintenance. You can keep a supply of lenses on hand for trips to the gym and vacations or whenever you might want to go without glasses.

If you are interested in more information about part time contact lenses or daily-wear, disposable contact lenses, schedule an appointment with Dr. A or Dr. Doan!