Do's & Don'ts of Eye Makeup

We're lucky to have Dr. Pham at our practice, not only is she a wonderful optometrist but she also enjoys makeup. We asked her to give us her top do's and don'ts for eye makeup, since there are good and bad ways to apply and care for your eye make up that can negatively affect your eye health. Follow her 6 do's and don'ts to keep your eyes healthy and your makeup on point. 1. Wash eyeshadow brushes and face brushes (blush, contour, etc) once a month with mild (baby) shampoo. Squeeze excess water and allow to air dry. Regularly washing your brushes prevents bacteria build-up, keeping them clean and safe to use. 

2. Avoid oil-based eye makeup removers or removers that contain stronger chemicals. These type of makeup removers may disrupt the lid margin and glands. Use more sensitive eye solvent removers to prevent clogging of lid glands. Eye2eye carries a fantastic brand called We Love Eyes that was created by an optometrist, learn more about it here

3. Some makeup (liquid foundations, liquid eyeliners, gel liners, concealers, etc) have an expiration date. Dispose of them properly for better hygiene and to help prevent breakouts. All expiration dates are listed on beauty products, check the date and toss if it's expired. 

4. For pencil eye liners (even lip liners), use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to disinfect the liner pencil once a month. This keeps bacteria and other yucky stuff at bay. 

5. Avoid sharing make-up as it is very likely and easy to transfer bacteria and infections from one makeup lover to another. 

6. Avoid wearing eyeliner on the "water line", while it's a popular technique, it is also bad for your eyes. 

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